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Title: Mr. G's Series One To: Kate, Well after enjoying this site I decided to send a contri of my own for the Personal Section. This is one of my friends, she is aware that I am sending these but I agreed to cover her face, at least I didn't swirl her face and make her look like a monster. I have had the pleasure of shooting hundreds of photos like these on many different occasions. I thought that these ten pictures went together pretty well. If the response is good I will send more. Sorry that the pix are so big, your directions said max size of 640. I hated to reduce them even that much. The originals were 1280X960 with much more detail then these. By the way, what happened to Tatiana? I would love to join if she is still there.

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She is 18 and few days I can never say it enough THANK YOU to everyone out there that takes the time to write comments. It was such a great day that we got a couple of pictures taken. We are trying to take the last few days that we will have nice weather. Soon you will probably see snow pictures. UGH!!


waiting for a pounding? Here are a few pictures of my very sexy 45 years young friend. I will send 2 more contris: one with toys and one with us in action. Let us know what you think of her. If comments are good she might let me do a few other jpg shoots !!!