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From Germany---Anja
Please do not post e-mail or name just call me "Maestro". A few days ago I sent pictures "hot shower" to the voyeur section... I guess you guys have too many contris to go through. My wife did not know about those pictures. When I told her...she got excited and asked me every day "are my pictures on yet?" well...not yet..This is the same hot shower but with one more -bonus- picture (after shower). And since she knows about them I guess you should post them in the private section. T I hope the format is ok for you! Good job with this Incredible web site!!! Comments welcome!!! From everybody!

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vi do la mia mail Hi gang: It's been a long time since Daphne's last contri. We hope you enjoy this one. We had some red roses sitting on the dresser and we started playing with them. This contri was the start of play and the rest followed.... Thanks,


loving sun and sea Be kind, This is my first attempt and I need encouragement. I hope all the beautiful women that make this site so great with your sexy pictures enjoy mine. I would love to meet any ladies that would like to trade some photos. thanks,