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Nude Beach - Sunny Day

Me in my 38 y/o wife!
Here are some more of my wife of 34 years that are much more explicit. If you have not seen her in the private section of voy-zone, March 2nd, check her out. She is an attorney so she does not to show her face, which I hope all understand. Some of the photos are 30+ years old so the quality may not be as great. Hope you enjoy these and if we get enough good comment I have a whole bag full more to post. When I grew up, women had public hair, not this shaved look, which really does not turn me on. She tried it once about 30 years ago and I did not like it then nor now, especially on a woman over 40. So if you have something negative to say about it, keep it to yourself. And some of the ages I give, I am guessing as I did not date all the photos. Enjoy the tour of 30+ years.

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HER FIRST TIME I am a crossdresser , a tranny and never tried to tell you I am a female ! so it i not neccessary to tell some of those stupid things. This post is for those who asked to see me in a mini skirt and to see my legs without these boots ... some wanted my ass in garters and stockings ...


loves to show off No real story line just some fun in an abandoned warehouse. I love reading the comments on the pics, and by the way we are still looking for another guy to share Angelfire. We have a prospect in mind. Any other takers?