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Masturbating on a public beach

Ines S/W - Alte Fotos...
Hello and Thanks to the naturist Crew. With special thanks to Asher and Sailor for their great comments! And thanks to all the naturist viewers for their response to the "Garden" contri. I wanted to spice up Dawg's annual business trek to Vegas in November. So, I packed several skimpy outfits that I could easily flash in, and it was easy to persuade him to take pics of me. When he returned to the hotel after a long day on his feet at the company booth, I made sure I was dressed (or is that undressed?) seductively. We were pleased with the pics (several were requests from naturist friends), but we've been a little slow in choosing some for a contri. Mistress Nina and Lora beat us to the punch with a fabulous daytime in Vegas contri, with some pics taken in the same locations. Two beautiful and bold ladies, who inspired us to get busy. Hope they enjoy these as well as the rest of the viewers. A complete and correct E-mail addy will get a response. Please post in order in NIP or Freestyle, your choice. Kisses, Pics by Dawg

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Large and in charge Ludivine, Wet Wet Wet - Hi everybody! Here again, pictures of our great summer! It was a sunny day in Bretagne so we decided to go outside, in front of the house, so that the neighbours could see the show ;)Hope you'll be happy to see me wet like this! Wet kisses from Ludi!


Wife with real boobs Here's is a few of me "Jerking" around. I hope to hear from all who look at, good and bad....well maybe not bad. I know I'm small and I can live it. I'm not gay, but I don't care if you are.....comment, do what ever. I just like to take nuddie pics. Enjoy. Kaygeeone