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Am Strand On The Beach

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Warning!!! This contri contains extreme pee pictures, so if you do not want to see those please go on to the next contri. It was one evening together with Lily and Joe. We had a good diner and wanted to do something really horny. After dressing up in lingerie, latex and boots we did spread out a sheet on the floor with some plastic underneath. Lily started kissing, caressing and stroking me and the guys did there jpg taking. We played with each others boobs and sucked our nipples. She got me so horny I asked them all to pee on my pussy and body.. Laying there in our own little puddle felt so good……….I know there are people who don’t understand the thrill of this, but believe me it is. Just let us and lots of others in the world enjoy our excitement. We LOVE what we do and know that there are many people who enjoy these contri’s. Thanks to them for there support. Oh and by the way we DO clean up after all this (~_*), so we DON’T have a smelly house. Love and Pisses

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wow what a guy You can use it in town, in countryside or strand but not at home (it brig bad luck..!): come on, take your camera and go. We donA’t like archive pictures. Someone is waiting outdoor to peep you while you opening your umbrella...!


my wife on vacation Long time viewer, first time showing it off. GF says I have to put these up before she give you girls and boys any of her. Let us know what you think and we'll get her and some action shots for everyone. We live in NE WI, and may be interested in finding the "right couple" to experiment with. See ya