Nudism Photos

black and white girl quick doggy action on the beach

rear view of gf
In an effort to make life more exciting we have decided to find K a lover. The idea is that once a month or so he can telephone without much warning and demand K's body to do more or less as he pleases with for the evening. I know that this sounds like a bdsm type of thing but it is not intended as such. Certainly it is a little submissive but it is more meant to allow someone else to come up with exciting ideas. Anyway, after much searching one promising candidate was invited to our home for a test session. He didn't want to be photographed so these shots are of K just before his arrival and as K is showing off her body to him. No red clouds type action - sorry !

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wanted to share my photos Hi Redclouds, I was going through a few sets of pictures in my husband’s personal archive and discovered this set. I thought I would share. This set is only one set of several I found and will be sending the others over the next couple of days. Enjoy! OX's Angel Maree


first time - be kind guys Lately I've been so busy with my new career in nursing I haven't really been thinking about taking pics. The other night I realized how much I missed getting off in front of the camera, and all of the equipment came out and I had a great time! More pics to follow!