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Alexa Vendome near the Beach

Just hanging
Hey all So this is Anya here! Yeah, I started writing my own posts. Logan has been on me forever about it, so finally I gave in. So this is me. This is what I wear Monday through Friday as I play the part of a hard working girl trying to make ends meet! I know, I know, poor me. Anyway I went to meet up with Logan and Nick who were putting together some shots for the site, and so to kill time until it was my turn I started to try and do work in the kitchen on my laptop. Next thing I know, here is Nick all up on me flashing that camera telling me we should do a shoot in my work clothes. I wasn't to into that at first, but then I rememebered what I had underneath so I went for it. I actually loved how they came out so here they are. I keep thinking it would be funny if the people from my insurance office saw these and recognized me. I am not to worried about it, I seriously doubt if any of them will. That place is so boring I can't see how any of them would be looking at porn. Hope you enjoy my pictures. This is what I wear to work and even better, what I wear under my clothes to work. Not all of us agents are boring! xoxoxo Anya

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more from key west. It's been nearly eight months since Cheryl has had pictures posted here. She is nearing her 60th birthday and thought she'd like me to put her on display once more. I keep telling her that she still has what it takes. She isn't sure, but still loves to be on desplay for others. Hope you enjoy!


Ex in the sun I was feeling a little frisky, and I was home I decided to enjoy myself. And tease *another* in the process. These were taken with my phone, so they might not be the best quality...none the less...enjoy.