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Hey Kate &the gang, I love your site (as do so many others), I check it everyday, and justjoined your redcloud section( intense). I figured it was time made a contri.These are some of my pics taken at a local erotic festival held here inSicily, it was a great time., loads of hot woman. Check out the last two,some scary funlips. Enjoy! NOT FOR THE STORY ( on a personal note , my wifeand I are putting together our own personal site on our computer, and werewondering if you could E-mail us back with some info on how to set it up,legal matters, etc. We would even promote your site on it ( since it wasthe one that enspired my wife). I'm trying to get her to let me send somepics to you, but she said somthing about to much competion on your site( I'll work on her) Anyway, we would really appriciate any info you couldsend us. Thanks

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que les parece Toy Fun 2 Hey everyone!! I was getting tired of making you guys hot and not getting anywhere, well, here you go!! You know, a girl can just suck on hard long things for so long, then she starts tinking of other places to put it, right?? I'm guessing I found the right place??????


few more pics Here are some pics of my wife. She does not like her body a whole lot, but I truly adore it. Please leave comments if you have something nice to say. We would love to swap pics so leave an e-mail addy in the comments....