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Regan R sucks and fucks on the beach

A good time
A big big thank you as always for your support and kind comments to my videos, despite the poor quality of the uploads. We really do not know why the quality is so bad when we upload, compared to other contributors. We tried the different formats accepted by naturist, .mov, .wmv, but it appears that each time the result is the same and I think that the format is converted to something else. This time we converted to .MP4, which is the only format we did not try, so I cross my fingers and hope that we can improve this time. It can`t be the camera, because the avi is copied to the PC and the original is fine even with the full screen display.

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Last time i was happy--- Continuation of my Erotic Clips vid. All rubbed down in oil, I masturbate face down, ass up until I cum. You can see my pussy pulsate! I needed something in my ass so I tried to do some anal but I had trouble getting the angle. But I included it anyway. ;)


greasy kisses. Here a are some more pics of Shy Girl. These pics were left overs from the previous submissions. I hope that you enjoy them and as for those with negative thoughts go somewhere else. I am proud of my wife for her courage in doing this, she is also the mother of 2. Please kep the positive feedback coming.