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Walking Butt Southbeach

like her ass?
Hi, it's me again, the slut next door. Each of these pictures has a 'V' in it somewhere (usually shaped by my widely spread legs). Some of these you may have seen before, if so, I apologize for forcing you to look twice at my cunt. Now, for the story... hubby bought me a diamond ring and is taking me to Vegas (what do you think THAT means?). He says I owe him one afternoon of fun... SO... I wonder if you're available in Vegas on July 14 from about 2 to 5pm? If you brought a date, that would be cool, too! Serious volunteers for the fun should leave a comment with valid email, and we'll do the rest. V is for Vegas, baby! (Er, I mean, PERVERTS!) PS - we have a nice spa suite reserved with a high level view of the strip - can you say "SMILE FOR THE CAMERA?"

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Brandi 3 - brandi again Dear Kate, here it is some shots of my italian wife Susy during our last holidays in Fuerteventura. Susy loves to wear little microthongs as you also can see in the other shots taken in mediterranean Corse island. Cheers,


just having fun Kate, this is the second part (11 pix) of our German adventure on Sardegna for you all. Have fun and enjoy. Please title 'Ka on Sardegna 2' and put in NIP, if youi can use them. Love and kisses from Good Old Germany (whereever you need them)