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little fucking on a beach

che spettacolo sublime|||
i Kate, June and gang, This is my final attempt to submit a contri. I've sent these in two times before now but they haven't made it. Kate, is it the Vodka, the home grown, or am I just not up to standards? These were taken by a friend with a color quickcam but I have a digital camera now. If these get posted and it appears the viewers want more I'll try again. There are only 5 pics here and no WfI's, the quality isn't great either but with the new camera I can take care of both of those problems. PLease call these QueTee is you decide to post them. P.S. Now I have an idea why they haven't been posted. I was sending to the webmaster and not the contri address. Sorry for the mix up it's just a bit confusing

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Un bon feu de foyer My wife was feeling playful after her spinning class last night, so I got her to pose for some pictures. She is usually shaved a little better, but it was really spontaneous. Sorry about the hair over her face, she's really shy.


Hollyday in Teneriffe There is nothing like a hot bubble bath to get me turned on. I love so much getting all wet and soapy! After rubbing my wet naked body in the bath, I have to play with myself. I could use some company, it's a big tub!