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Hey babe let's walk down the beach typsy & topless together

Juliette at home
I love a challenge so we went to a corn maze to see if we could make it through together. We decided to get a little risque and snap a set of pics. I couldn't get totally nakie as too many people kept coming through, but we made the best of it. Mr. Happy said we couldn't get enough pics for a contri so the challenge was not the maze, but the contri! I was really getting into it as you will see. Mmmmm, I love my vegetables! The sun on my body, the tight maze, and the thrill of the shoot was all we needed to brighten our day! It was truly an a-maze-ing day for us! Our night was even better! Kisses, Bellajewel.

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*LW Hot Canadian Wif Here are some pictures of Suzanne in a very nice outfit. I had just finished shaving her pussy and she suggested that we take some pictures in the living room as we had the house all to ourselves. Tell us what you think.


First pics we ever took Our previous contris were taken with a cellphone camera. This time we used a better camera although I think that we could do better. My wife enjoys flashes and she continues to surprise me with pictures that she takes of herself.