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Hello once again to all the wonderful supporters or my previous threads... I have managed to finish emailing about 70% of those who showed their kindness by posting a kind comment and promise to finish the remaining 30% by early next week... I am very grateful to have such hot, sexy and kind comments from my last several postings in the Private Shots section and I do look forward to more of those luscious comments if you think this thread is worthy of such comments. Once again, for anyone who chooses to post a negative comment please be aware that this is an indication you need to grow up!... I will always reply back with an email to those who show kindness!!!

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feeling...Hot and Sexy!!! My incredible wife Sunny gave me quite a stir when I got home from work and found these pics. She's a 33 year old mother of two that gets hotter and hotter with time. This is only the tame half of the pics. Check out for the explicit shots that came with these. Pics by Sunny


Top down help yourself thank you for your comments.There is the continuation of my walks. for your pleasure.happy new year. Merci pour vos commentaires encourageants une nouvelle serie pour votre plaisir.Bonne et heureuse annee a tous les coquins et a toutes les coquines.