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Skinny Blonde Rubs Pussy on Beach

nickname: TEQUILA
Firstly I'd like to say thank you to all for the nice comments. I did get very few that weren't so nice but thank you to those also for being honest. It is not the first time I've taken photos in a "secluded" area and not the first time I've been caught. However, it was the first time I allowed myself to be touched by a stranger or posted to voy-zone (which took greater courage). To Andre, it is very nice of you to be concerned for me, but, I don't think, for one minute, that America is much like "Friday 13th" or "Deliverance" which, are the products of imaginative minds. I believe that in the USA, you're less likely to be caught in a secluded area than in Britain, which has a much greater population density for it's size. There are more to this series but are really voy-zone photos. Thank you Sailor for saying "Hey Babe" when I had my clothes on and not being cruel when I'd taken them off lol. Anyway, I hope that those that do enjoy them will say so and to those that don't, you can say so too. I am realistic about my body. The best part of this day was flashing the truckers on the M6 and M25. I'd like to say Hi and thank you to the trucker we played leap-frog with until we turned south on the M40 (sorry no photos of this).

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Having a bit of cum Ummmm, I do love the feeling of getting my self off and when I do get that feeling... hehehe, I love getting hold of a nice dildo to satisfy myself!... As always, if you like what you see, please post a nice comment to let me know!


Nice boobs During some recent pic sessions, we decided to take some black and white as well. Don't you think that black and white pictures are erotic and sexy on their own? I think they have a certain look to them that just feels sexy - not to mention the lingerie I was wearing and the oil too!