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Hidden Cam Beach Cabin #18

Linda en Verdad
I was shooting some shots of my new suit to e-mail to my lady friend and got a bit carried away. They turned out pretty good -- she was so excited she e-mailed me more times today than she usually does in a month. Said she could not sit still at work after looking at them. Wants to jump on a plane to see me ASAP. (I cna;t wait!!) Anyway, I thought you might like to see them. I love to get comments -- and woudl love to connect with ladies or couples in peron. Check the message list and you'll see my address there in case you want to get in touch with me. I love to play. She says I am the best and she does not mind sharing me. Have fun...

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Our vacatoins in acapulco It was a memorble weekend of Tequila, fun, photos, and of course wild wonderfull sex. 44yrs. old and enjoying life. What a lot of fun you can have when you let your inhibitions get a little tipsy. Any of you care to join me in the next round of drinks and fun and who knows what else we could think of????


Chinese wife's thong Hola paisanos como comenzaron el ano .esta es nuetra contri de enero qu espero os guste , deseo buenos comentarios, de nada vale los desagradables , manden sus mail que les contestaremos y asi podemos intercambiar pics.