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Fingering on the Beach

What dou you mean??
Hello everyone and WOW!!! We couldn't believe the response on the bulletin board. Thank you one and all.Everyone made my wife blush... :) IGOR, Honey says that she is still available for dinner I want to thank everyone for helping me turn Honey from a very shy women that didn't like her body to one that flashes me all the time now...Ý :) It's like that Visa commercial....... Priceless... Anyone wondering what to give for christmas??? How about a voy-zone membership. Who wouldn't love that ladies.Ý :) Hope you all injoy this series...Many more to cum..I mean come

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Wife lost bet Grabbed these at the horse race in Baltimore. Need to invest in a better scanner or digital cam. I couldn't keep up with these babes who were ripping their tops off at a furious pace. Sun + beer = lotsotitties.


Drunk wife Here are a few photos a friend took of me under a historical bridge that was recently refurbished in our area. I hope you like them. If the comments are good I'll post the rest of them on my brand new FRC website. Hugs to you all, Ms. Waters