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Farty GILF takes pics of hot Italian men on the beach

So hot !! No comments !!
It's been quite a while since I submitted a contri, so I figured I would send some pictures in. I'm sorry that I couldn't contribute sooner or more often, but work keeps me pretty busy and I don't have much time on my hands anymore. Please title Cindy's Return. I hope that I can contribute on a regular basis, I will sure try for all of you voy-zonebers out there who like my pics. I am open to any suggestions on how to pose, things you would like me to wear, or not wear ;), etc. I also wanted to express my gratitude to Kate and his crew for an exceptional site! Thank You P.S. Please post in the private section and oh yeah PDPMEM!!!

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Here I am again! these were taken in hopes that other viewers can help me convince my wife that she is still sexy even after 3 kids-- yes she is heavy-- if u dont like it--- go look elsewhere!! with positive comments, could be more posts


After a sunny sand day I was alone in a hotel room after my fiance left. I was still horny! I really want to hear from all those bi and Bicurious women out there. I would love to exchange photos or chat. Any women out there signed up for Matchmotion from the Voyeurgang?