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I met Kira on AOL last winter. She is originally from my home town, but she works resort jobs most of the year. Between ski resorts and lifeguarding a plage or pool, it is very rare she is in town. I usually have to go and see her (which is rad because she gets me a free room), and she is always down to take photos when we hang out. She was concerned when I first put her pics on voy-zone and my own website, because a snowboarder recognized her at work. Now that she is all tan from her days in the sun, she figures these winter pics are different enough and okay to post. She is going to be back for a few weeks, and she is staying with me for a bit. I am definitely going to get some new shots of her summer look.

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... divertimenti My last contribution had some appropriate critical comments concerning the quality of the photos. Several guys wanted to see more spread shots. I have included some with lots of hair and some witha trim. I aim to please.


i love this underwear.... I'm a lover daughter of 26 YO who loves exhibitionism with my parents. We live in Canary Islands, Spain. This pics were taken by my mom. I hope you like my pics and to all users, vote for me to win the first price! Kisses!