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sex on the beach 150315

Extreme walk on city.
I promised some of Petite at her virginal (? lol) best, so here she is, looking sweet and innocent. She is really getting a kick out of the better comments, and she loves more than 5 words (or less from the asses who cant type OR appreciate horny women who go to the bother of giving them FREE views - get a life guys). Trouble is, when she reads them all, I have to lap up the juice flooding out of her cos you all make her so hot and wet! I suppose someone has to. Are there any couples, or women, in the south of England who have an idea of what to do with petite in some of these pics. Best idea might get her driven round to your place for shooting the next contri, hehe. Will it be voy-zone material, we wonder. The good news is that she might show her face in the nudistsets that we post in future, so here's hoping. There are some lovely BJ shots in her white to cum - well I enjoyed the BJ shots, hehehe!!

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She's amazing sexy girl. just more of my wife who wants comments and see how you guys like and asks for any reqeusts if any lets see if you like her shes nervous to read comments but she said be honest and brutal lol just tell her what you like and dont and what you wanna see guys


playa photos just wanted to say hey and thanks for all the great comments from you guys(and girls!!!!!) We have lots more...hope you have as much fun lookin' as we did takin'! Let me know whatcha think(I'll take the good with the bad)...IT'S A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!!! KISSES-COLORADO GIRL