Nudism Photos

Beach couple with a friend

not only boobs
I am trying to figure out the settings on my new camera. I am far from being the photog that some of the contributors here are. I am just fortunate enough to have a really sexy wife to practice on. These are some hotel room pics from our trip to Sin City. We didn't get out much. Every time we got ready to go out I would take some pictures. Then we would get so turned on we would have to have sex. Then we would have to get ready again. More pics...more sex... The first night we made love three times before we finally left the room. We didn't stay out long either! Hehe. Anyway, here are a few shots from the second set that night. Do you think she looks like a 34yo mother of three? I am soooo Lucky!

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Introducing SxL- End of summer sand and water fun. These were taken on the Florida coast and at the lakes. Why should only the girls enjoy tiny thongs. Boys wanna have fun too, enjoy! Skiing, board shorts! Tanning, thongs!


ready for the hunt *Ca Franzi In The Car In Sw 1 - At a sunny but stormy day in November. She is a very beautiful woman and I love it to see her in lingerie's! She love to play in front of the Camera and make me happy! Enjoy these first pics and vote for her and for more pics!!!