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My friends wife
Hiya nudist! Kate and Crew!! Hello Sailor! How are you? Thanks for the great commentary! :) Thank You viewers for the messages you left me on my last post here! Hope there are just as many this time around. Hehe. Well..real simple. Dont get on me too are self pics! I never do a good a job as Jere does!! He is working two jobs right now and has been very very busy! It was so comfortable sliding into one of Jeres shirts and taking some hot pics without him even here! It surely made me think of you all a lot more while taking them! Im always so distracted playing with Jere when hes snapping pics! Hope you enjoy these! I am going to send in another variety of these shots. I ended up taking enough (that came out for a part two! :) Later guys and girls!! xoxoxo Michele

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Up close and personal... We worked together in the past, relationship has continued. She's quite sexual, passionate, but her boring husband doesn't realize it. We don't live near each other anymore so she sends these to me periodically.


Getting ready :) Hello, my name is Isabelle, I am submiting my pictures for your stockings contest. I hope that they arrive in time and that you like them. I am shows off around the house in a sexy outfit that i like very much. Happy new year to everyone at Voyeurweb!