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Kate, First time contributor to the absolute BEST on the Web. I was stationed on the island of Crete several years ago, one of the most desolate of the Greek islands, but also one of the best for pic "opportunities". The picture of the brunette (pissed.jpg) is a Swede coming out of the water. The "double Sam Brown" she is giving me is the equivalent of our middle finger. Picture (two_butts.jpg) should be there last as it is two WFIs! The smile2.jpg is a young lady who was passing by as some friends of mine were getting ready to go parasailing in Chersonnosis. Love your site and sign me as Maddog............. oh by the way, d.p.m.e.m.a!! hahahahahah!!

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I hope enjoy. My wife is 62 but as mentioned...young at heart; loves to tease other men and we enjoy making new friends and having new fun; never too old for that for sure!!!! Hope we are intruding since the site as so many young models.


Beth's Bare Ass Hi all. We started in a motel room, a hot bath, fake tattoos, black lingerie, hose and heels made hubby very hard. He really loved to take the pics you will see. Tell me what you think. Part 2 soon. That will include the cream pie.