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Kellys Beach Bukkake - brighteyes69r

The final shots....
My wife let me takes some pics of her new wicked weasel while she played with our 3 year-old in the hotel pool. A guy saw the show and got in the pool behind me about ten feet away from us...she said his right hand dissappeared under water after a while and she could tell he was watching her and playing with his cock. I noticed too and I took the little one out of the pool so he could finish. She saw how hard her nipples were and she gradually swam closer to him to give him a closer view while she acted oblivious to what he was doing. Later, she was so hot from what happened, she squirted three times while I fucked her in the hotel room.

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ANOTHER NICE PINT OF VIEW After a day in the sun, I had to put some lotion on my skin so it wouldn't dry out. After dripping the lotion on my boobs and rubbing it in, I got so hot that I had to get myself a little bit of lower relief...