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voyeur look at the beach

shot self made in spain
I sure enjoy this little hobby that my hubby and I have of posting pics at naturist. It'll be a year in January since our first contri. We had never posted pics anywhere before or since we started here. We LOVE this site, but what I really have fun with is the bulletin boards. I'm really getting to know so many of you really well, and have so much fun talking to and interacting with you. So if you haven't jumped in a thread at any of the bb's, you should try it! We have a great time! For you new guys who don't know me yet, I'm a mother, married to the perfect man for me for 13 years. Although I'm a work-aholic, I still make sure that I make time for fun. And I try to never act my age - which is 46. Now about the contri - A few weeks ago, we decided to shoot some new photos for the Thursday Night "Lippy" Thread at Sam's BB on voy-zone. Before you get the wrong idea, no, these AREN'T the Lippy shots... you'll have to stop by some Thursday night for those! But we took enough non-lippy shots (and did enough cropping on the others) to put together a little something for naturist. Hope you enjoy! Kisses and "stuff" - MM

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Getting some sun..... Well Hi this is my first, and I hope it makes it to you all.. Love all the pic's so I thought I would send one of me. I would love to here some feed back ladies.. Please don't give my E-MAIL Address.. thanks alot keep up the good work I love it..


Steve and Anna My sexy angel needs a little confidence boost. I think she's the hottest thing on the planet, but she needs some unbiased opinions. Let her know how sexy she is and I may be able to get some better shots of her.