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senior trip girls on the beach skinny dipping

I hope you like my body!
Well, now that I'm no longer Katie's Preg (we had our beautiful baby at the beginning of October) I wanted to share our new favorite hobby and hubby Ian's new favorite snack. ;)) I know this isn't for everybody, so sorry if you're offended, but if you like it you can see more at our ProAdult site, Ian loves how sweet it is and how freely it flows and squirts now that I'm on the other side of our well documented pregnancy. I hope you enjoy these half as much as we enjoy taking them. Considering the craziness of having a new rugrat keeping us up til all hours, we love having this naughty diversion. Love

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Big bra owner Avixenna On The River - A cruise on the river in a dinghy! Sorry I had to mix and match here, the clumsy amateur dropped his camera in the mangrove mud just when I was warming up. It was ruined but the card was OK. Kisses, Avi


My favorite thong! Admire my hot body: a plump, yet very seductive mother who loves cocks. Having three occasional young lovers on a fortnight's holiday is no record at all. Yet, being in my Forties and a mother of three, I'm very proud of it! Shouldn't I?