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Greetings once more to the Voyeur Web's visitors and crew! I'm back, after a break that lasted several months. Here is my latest contribution for the Private Shots section. Please title this one "Dylan Shaves Her Bush." Like a true Dixie Chick, I had grown something wild and unruly . . . it was time for a serious trim. There are actually twelve pictures in this set, but the last four are a little bit too explicit -- they include a wide-open spread shot and a gaping WFI -- so I put them on my Fnudistsite. (You can get there by clicking The remaining eight are right here for everyone's enjoyment. Hugs and kisses to you all. See you next time. LEGAL ADVICE: Anything you do exposes you to needless risk and liability. So follow this recommendation from the American Bar Association. Lock yourself in a closet and sit quietly in the dark until you die of old age.

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More office fun! Amber *Ml My Lips - Hello VW Crew and all. Here is a contri for the My Lips theme. Be kind, I took these myself after a long morning of cleaning. I was tired of cleaning so decided to grab the camera and "my lips"! Kisses, Amber


do you like my upskirt? I think this is the last series from the afternoon at the quarry and I saved what I think is the best for last! We went up to the top of the quarry and I stood right on the edge. I was actually looking down into the quarry where Naughty Nikki was still taking her photos!