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Alison - Strips & Play almost Nude on a Beach

a sunny day at the plage
Hi Kate, Jerry, Asher, Sailor, Voyette, Sanchez and all. Thanks for the positive comments and encouragement on our last few sets of pictures. We truly have fun and we're glad it shows. The idea for this set cam after we found this fun, little stand by the playa. I think it was actually some kind of fisherman's shelter. We thought it looked like a tropical paradise bus stop or taxi stand, hence me hitching a ride. While we were taking the pictures it became cloudy. We decided to let the clouds pass and return later. When the clouds finally cleared and we returned we found two fishermen using the area! They liked my outfit but unfortunately we were not able to take any more photos with better light, so these may be a bit dark. Hope you you enjoy them just the same. Thanks again and see you on the BB's Kisses, Nina

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My girlfriends big boobs 19 Year Old Various - This is Danielle, a 19 year old that frequently lets me take naked pictures of her. She wanted to be entered in the best boobs contest, but we couldn't get a decent picture within the picture size limits of the contest, so here she is in various shots I have taken of her.


eric`s first pictures Darker Side Of Christmas - Came home from work just before Christmas and the wife tells me she bought me a present. This is what I came home to. If the comments are good I can guarantee she has more to offer. Enjoy.