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Sexy babes chilling at the beach

From Italy (mediterranea)
Hey love you all... One day, this maid was doing her every day chores fo the, so called "small castle"...little did she know the the "Lady Boss" had just retained the services of a butler...and so while cleaning the bathroom their paths crossed. The new butler was just behind her, admiring her sweet ass... until she noticed him glancing at her cheeks and so she decided to offer to clean his tools! And so guess what?...she cleaned those tools using that ever so powerful sucking technique, nothing was left! It was squeaky clean and dry! The maid has now had her first encounter with the Butler, and all is fine! MacDust to you guys...and wish you also meet your maid or butler!

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a few more pics This is my little 19 year old mistress...she lives to please me. She posted in the Superaward contest, and loved the comments. She begged me to post more of her pics. If your comments are sexy enough, she will make some more pics for requests. Be sure to rate her highly so we can make more pics!


The Ex Mrs Yes guys...he finally came in to do what was expected of him! Full of MacEnergy, with that nice and slick head of his, he started teasing all of those tight nerve endings. I can tell you that he's almost as good as the "Energizer Bunny Rabbit"....he goes on and on and on..... MacBuzz to you!