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Amy - First Time Hi Guys, My name is Amy, I'm 25, and this is my first time contributing to voy-zone. I'm sorry for not showing my face but I'm a law clerk in a large law office and I'm not too sure what they would think if they knew. I love dressing up in sexy lingerie and having my boyfriend take pictures of me. It gets me incredibly HOT! I also love wearing sexy underwear (or no underwear) and stockings under my business suits to work. Sometimes I will let the top of my stockings show below my skirt when I know one of the lawyers can see me or I will purposely drop something and bend over when they are behind me. I know they would just love to fuck me and I like to tease them. My fantasy is to give a blowjob to one of them in the boardroom when the office is full of people. Be kind with the comments and I will send more. Would love to trade with other females or couples. Kisses and Hugs

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Tart - Just a few samples The northeast of Brazil is marked by stark contrasts. On the coast is rich and beautiful cities. Inside we have drought, poverty and lack of many services such as health and education. I like to travel through these places, taking pictures and movies, as well as showing the reality of Brazil.


First sun days...part 2 I have to telll you that i was incredibly flattered by all the comments -- it never hurts the ego to hear all those words mentioned. Everyone has asked for Redclouds pictures and i think you'll get your wish soon. I guess I should become a ember first so i can see what gets said.