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handjob on a sex beach by naomi1

you say that?
It was February, 14... These were exciting, I thought you would be interested to see it. I have a bad habit of smoking, and sometimes I go out to the balcony. But this time, I am very grateful to it! I have a side view balcony and the view was unforgettable. I often see this couple in the elevator. They always kept open the curtains in the apartment and think that they dont care about it. And this time I think they even want to be seen by someone! Apologize for the quality, at first I was shooting on the phone but then went and took the camera. It was not quite the expected turn of events for this guy as he is almost always held on to his head. She definately wanted to do a special surprise for him and all neighbors at this day! After 30 minutes they unfortunately turned off the light, and nothing was seen after this, but I am sure they had happy end of this evening. If you are interested and rating will be high enough - next month I will post the short vid.

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Displaying her stuff, She sends me naughty selfies while I'm away for work. Then we have wild sex when I get home and sometimes I remember to grab the phone and snap a few pics of the carnal activity. Here is just a low tech sample of the goods... Enjoy!!


which do you like? There is a clothing optional strand nearby. My wife had never been to such a place, so I said why not try it and not be a prude. Now she enjoys going in the buff. She said that you guys out there should enjoy as well.