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theSandfly Presents De Rena Beach Voy Collection

Woodman girl 2 for us
Dear naturist fans, Thanks for all the beautiful cooments u guys and girls sent her. She had a thrill reading all of them and did'nt even care about the handful of bad ones out of all the good ones. Most of the pictures were taken around town and in a park. She went right upto the Dominos drive through and asked the manager whether he can pose with her, and of course he said "yes" even though he was on the phone. She is getting very daring thanks to you all. She loves all the comments about her body and what you guys and girls will do to her if you get a chance to meet her. Tell her more about how you all feel if you want her to continue posting. This time, she even told me to leave her face unblurred. So let her know if she has the whole package. The shirt she was wearing at the gas station was the shirt she wore around the mall that evening. She got everyones attention if you ask me. Thanks again to all of you lovely people and hope you keep those comments cumming. Regards,

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i like carress To the naysayers who called Stevie a "fraud"? Well... you know? That might be why you were not invited. To everyone else? Enjoy Stevie, constraints removed... and think about how much fun you WOULD have had had you accepted her invitation. ;)


just a little more Don'T Miss These Hooters! - Periodic contributor of pics and videos. Did fairly well in the D cup boob contest last year and have some in the current boob contest. I know these shots are rather boring so give me some shows off suggestions. I'm up for anything!! I'll email you back. Miss P