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Topless Saggy Tits Beach Babe

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These are more pictures frommy in Galveston, after the night on The Strand, we spent the day on the Sea Wall. This was a big first for me, it was the first time I actually didn't have to run off after taking the pictures. No one would let me leave without buying me drinks. As you can see from the look on my face, I'd had a few already. I sat in the corner for almost an hour before I could muster the nerve to walk out there and take my clothes off. I really wanted to......ever since we drove by and I saw that cool statue. I still can't believe I did it. Thanks for all the really sweet comments, and for all the wicked nasty ones too.

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Riverside bathing Hi there! Here I am again... This time in a red fishnet, enjoying the fall season colors. I hope you enjoy watching me strip off my fishnet and liking the red lollipop It was one other nice and hot jpg session...I just wanted to get naked and have one sexy night… Kisses, Sexy Ly


ciaooo e..... G Naked On The River Part 2 - We were unaware that VW would enter our last ccontribution in NIP.So this time we made sure you can see other boats. As the boating season is now over here, we will have to look for other locations, any ideas?