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Part 2 of the bath
Just a note to say hi to all our friends in the no-ops chat and voy-zone chat. We posted a few pics from this set once in the past and thought we would post a few more for those who enjoyed the first contri. One night Dixie and I decided we were going to just lay naked and play all night. About that time wouldn't you know it there was a knock at the door. Dixie jumped up to cover up and I peeked out the window. It was a pretty close friend andI told her not to put much on. I answered the door and he asked what we were doing. I told him fucking. He and I walked toward the office which had a small bed andI told him we planned on continuing with our fun. Dixie came back wearing only a tiny pair of black panties and a see thru robe. I told him we were gonna keep fucking and if he was uncomfortable he might want to leave. He asked if we had a camera handy and he would take some pics. I handed him the digital and Dixie and I got busy. These are some of the pics he took that nite and we hope you enjoy them.

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Look and enjoy! She loves taking pictures, we have 300+mostly nudes. For now I'll show off her best "ASSet" and see what kind of feedback i get. I guess they'll go in the private shots gallery - and I hope maybe she'll get some $$$$$ LOL LOL


Hope you like them!!! This was my first fine-art shoot, Katerina was nervous, but I was worse. After hours of preparation on my part, I was ready. It went really well. We got some great shots, and she is going to model for me again. Jay