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dildo underwater at the nudist beach

Do you like the flowers?
After the image session which had been encouraged and staged by their husbands, these two hot ladies help each other out of their street clothes. In doing so, they begin to discover each other in a new way. They had been friends for years, but not like this... They surprised the assholes taking the pictures by making discoveries they had never known before... In Part 3, which will be forthcuming, they discover and sharetheir new, exciting, sensual,and previously unknown pleasures being with another woman! Photos 1 through 4: PrincessHotLips removes the sexy outfit from her friend, who will laterbecum herpleasure provider. Photos 5 through 7: The BashfulBabe does likewise for the Princess. Photos 8 and 9: The two discover it is okay to kiss, touch,and rub their hotbodies together. Image 10: The BashfulBabe finds that her friend's pussy is hot, wet, surprised, and very willing andavailable. The story continues with Part 3 in a day or two...

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Mmmm girls I love em. Took some shots of my wife for the Hot Nylons contest. She is 48, a yoga instructor and this is her 1st post online so little nervous about showing her face (she's beautiful and a little persuasion will go a long way... little help please!)...hope you enjoy! D&D


Mountains and mountains A couple of guys wrestled a girl out of her bikini in a public swimming pool. They left her naked in the jacuzzi there. One of the guys lifted her out so everyone could see she was naked. People who saw it gathered around the hot tub and some pics were taken. Needless to say, the girl was very embarassed!