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Petite asian at the beach

just a bit off fun
Here are some pictures of me and my boy friend. We both get excited at the prospect of showing off over the web. Thank you Red Clouds for the best site on the net! Besides showing off ourselves in previous contributions, we have also enjoyed meeting many wonderful friends via the comments on your BB. We have also shared/exchanged some of our own private collection of photos with a few kind folks. Because my boy friend always teases me about my being ready and very willing to do anything sexual, label this contribution "hot to trot" (he calls me that about 100 times a day) as this posting will be a surprise to him.

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how is she? Howdy from the home of the unabomber and other various kooks. Here are some pictures from the 27th annual testicle festival in Rock Creek Montana. I'll send the rest of the pictures 10 at a time if you want them.


It's been a while I know this contribution is lame but it is how we started doing naked photos, any way we wanted to share . You have seeing the Road trip Alpaca Ranch and the Road trip Wheat field photos ,,, well they were many days after this set, we will share all the pictures here for Marcia's Fans