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Impromptu threesome on the beach

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Sam: Naughty Bed Time Stories! - So these pictures come from the batch that were originally intended as a gift to my ex-bf, but he screwed around on me and I kicked his ass to the curb and he never got them. You can read the whole silly story on my site since for a while that was a bit of a revenge therepy for me. I know, stupid, but hey, his loss is your gain right? These were part of those pictures. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing them. I originally did this because he loved this site so much, I thought it would be a cool gift to give him an album of pictures of me. My friend Nikki took them, and it was a lot of fun. If I look a little nervous in them, it's because at the time I had no idea what I was doing. I still wonder even after all this time, what kind of jerk would cheat on a girl who would do this? Whatever. I've found plenty of boys who like to play with me. Would any of you boys come and play with me if you could? Please? =)

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alcune bellezze a sharm Joy Hi, My wife likes to flash, so I am sending you some pictures of her. She is a bit shy???? so I have had to cut of her head. She will be thrilled to know other men will be looking at her pictures. I hope you like them.  


I love that view. Lana Through The Window - All of Lana's previous contributions were to Red Clouds if you want to see "more" of her. These were some sexy shots we took of her outside our livingroom window in a little atrium area. Hope you enjoy!!!