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Vid. Caps. Equals. 'Vidcaps'. Equals. Lower resolution than digi-stills but equally as nice subject matter, ok? That chilled out the whiny morons? There are moments that I've caught in the heat of the fine fire which remain only on tape, no stills camera primed at the time. So here's some VIDCAPS of those sweet revelations. 10 in all, censorship barring. And a note to those who can, and do, read: I NEVER reply in the comments section, nor do I disparage other contributors in theirs. What you've been irritated by is some loser with no dignity or self-respect attempting to impersonate me to wind up others. Some of you fell for it; don't do so again. You think naturist would stand for me doing that? Get a grip. Sandfly got plenty of appreciation for others who attmept voyeurism; little for the weirdos who waste their precious moments on this planet pretending to be the beach-maniac alter-ego of someone they're unnerved by. I like getting under the skin of the pathetic haters and exposing them for the tarantulas they are - taking the hook like fussy little spunk-monkeys. . .But I do so in the verbage you'll read here and the side pic comments (which, if you can't see properly is a problem with IE handling the new naturist architecture I'm led to believe and recommend you switch to firefox), or the BBs, not anywhere else, and not in anyone else's contributions. All in all, you come here to see the girls next door daring to bare all, and that's what life's all about in the end, for us hetero males - pussy. So dig it.

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