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HOT FUCK #120 (A Guy picking-up a Ebony Babe at the Beach)

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Here we go with some captures of my old ex-girlfriend!!! When we were together she was 19, and in these pictures you can appreciate her little boobs, but I can assure you that they were really, really sweet. She liked to tease me, as you can see in these pictures... at this moment she didn't allow me to touch her breasts, but what she couldn't think about was that one day -today- millions -je, je, je...- of voyeurs were gonna see her. I hope that you will like these images. The quality is not as good as you all deserve, 'cos I passed the scene to a Videorecorder, and you know that the result is not the same. If you like these, I'll provide you with more moments of my ex-gf. Thanks, Kate, for the great page, and keep on granting us anonymity. Please name it: hat and boobs. See you!! From:

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Straight after a shower Do you like my small tits? Send me a picture of how you cum on my small boobs and send it to my mail [email protected]! This would make me extremely horny!!! You will get as present further pictures from me! :)


a fun saturday night These are just some of the pics from over time. You will notice that I sent this to Red Clouds so please don't display the images on the free pages. I had an ex and a brother-in-law find my pics because I was shown on the cover page and it was an issue. I love the feedback just not from people I know ----yet.