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Nude Beach - Buxom Blond Bareback Anal MMF Threesome

A little strip
This is MissC. I met her a few months ago and have been playing with ever since. She is the very definition of a MILF. Despite being a total nypho at heart, she is a bit nervous (this is a big step after all) so these pics are blurred. It is too bad, because if you could see her face you would be able to see that she luvs the camera (especially when she knows other men are going to see her). But more than anything else, she loves to hear what guys think of her, how they react to her body, what naughty ideas her image is putting in their mind. So guys PLEASE leave lots of DETAILED comments for her. The more you work her up, the more I will be able to take advantage of her and the more you will be able to see.

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And now for my boobs Hey guys! Thank you all so much for the possitive comments from my last set, dont worry I have a LOT more to come. Feel free to post some requests, I love an audience. I will post the results on the website as soon as I can! Till my next post guys Love,


New Clothes I purchased *Gg Ready To Play Hello ladies & gents Our names are Samatnha and Susan. We loved your comments on our previous contribution and this is our new one.We hope you like them. You can see more of us at our web site Kisses