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Nude beach fucking with spectators

Boobs playa and sun 2008
More photos of my wife of 36 years from, well...about 20 to 54..If you are young and don't like pubic hair on women, don't bother to look or post a dumb ass comment. Growing up in the '60s and '70s, it was a real treat to get a little look at a real live "bush", and that is a turn on to us older guys...The shaved thing reminds me of pre-pubescent little girls. Really wish more of the ladies would start letting it grow a little bit. And, the shaved thing just don't look right on ladies over putting a spoiler on a 1957 Chevy. Anyway, her are a few over the years..Ol' Fart

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trying out new camera Some pics from a Sunday in Roselawn Indiana. They do this twice a year every year. Just lots of naked women walking around, some are attending the event most are contestants. I love this day, will be going back next year. Love the site and keep up the the great work...


My brown nipples No- not gay! Just love to experiment in her underwear. She likes to take snaps and vids (and more LOL). If you don't like save your rant, if you like leave a comment. More to follow if reactions are good (she may just join in ...)