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Thanks ;) - Falcon
Hi again to all my favorite v-webers. Our computer crashed so we couldn't post again until we got a new one. We missedeveryone while we were absent but I'm now ready to make up for lost time. We went on another trip to Niagara Falls...the Canadian scenery is so beautiful itis simply breath taking. Most of these pictures were taken at Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada (the only thing missing on our Canadian trip was Hi Heels - our favorite Canadian). The flowershots (natural color category)weretaken at the Botanical Gardens,the cannon and fort shots were taken at Fort George (military category), andthe phone booth shots were taken at Fort Erie (phone call category),just outside of the snack bar (we got caught on that one, we thought that the snack bar was closed and just as I was getting dressed people started coming out.. Canadians really are understanding people!) The jail shot was taken at an old fort in Fort DeSota Florida (jail category) and the rain shots (weather category) were taken at a secret location. It seems as though we like to visit forts, but they really do have wonderfully diverse histories and picture taking opportunities. Hope that you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them. Thanks for all of your nice comments on my previous contris, hope to hear from all of you again.Love to all

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