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Fucking Big Tit Blonde Fiance in Beach Hotel

Hope you like.Bye!!!
Here are some new and naked pics of my Neurologist wife. I think there is something in this set that should satisfy all of her fans. She is really getting into posting on naturist thanks to all of the hot comments. She wants to hear more from her fans and also from couples in the medical field. Keep the comments coming and she will likely let me take many more pictures. I know that some complained that she did not show enough. There is only so much she is allowed to show on naturist and she has shown it all (and I mean all) in Red Clouds before. We will proabably send more to Red Clouds in a few days. My view is that if you like naturist, you have to support Kate et al. by joining Red Clouds anyway and in the process you can see more of her pics that can't make the cut on Private Shots.

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Two horny girls in action Thank you to everyone who comments and votes for me. I wanted to show off my legs and other assets. It wasn't as bright as I was hoping that day so the photos aren't as nice as I'd like, but I hope you enjoy anyway. We had fun doing them. :)


Bye bye by Guadaloupe Randi has recieved alot of good comments, she's really getting into having her image taken. Of course I really enjoying taking her picture. What's not to enjoy when you have such a beautiful subject to photograph. These are various shots of Randi's ASS. Keep the GOOD comments coming.