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How Samantha Got Her Groove Back! - So between moving and all the drama with my ex, my life has been insane lately. I go way more into it more on my blog, but I am finally in my brand new apartment, and I am totally free! No more drama, no more relationships with sketchy dudes, now I just want to party! There is this cute fireman that's been coming into my work and has been asking me out forever, and I have finally said yes. I totally admit that it was more because I have nothing else to do, but I think I have been the ?good girl? long enough, I think it's time I started having a bit more fun! If this guys play his cards right, I think he could totally get in.

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Hope you like the view. Best Breast Ever These are just some pics of my fiancee and her friendly large breast. This is our first time taking and posting pics, so with some good comments and a little time we pormise to improve the pics and the technique


she took the camera One cold winter evening, after a romantic dinner out, we returned home and had a couple glasses of wine, and she finally consented to her first pic session. As you can only imagine, one thing slowly led to another....... I would like to share her beauty, and passion, with you.