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3 Kid MILF before kids...
Hi Everyone! I finally got my friend to agree to post these pics! These were taken after tending bar at an event. We headed back to the hotel all hot and bothered from flirting with all the guys. When we got there my husband asked us if we'd be willing to take some pics together. Well, we must've had just enough to drink, because we both said,"What the Hell!" It was great! The first pics were posed and the closer we got the hotter and wetter we got. Next thing I knew my husband was naked too and giving us the time of our lives! I'm looking forward to doing this again, and again, and again.... Anyway... As per requested: HERE THEY ARE!!! Love ya!

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HERE'S ''LIVING LARGE'' hi peoples,caught the wife doing house work in a g-string then we had some cybersex afterwards ,OHHHH what a night to remember,but we need a digital to get better and more pix PLEASE HELP US. thanks to all


sexy aussie mum @ 40 3rd Time Lucky - Hello everybody. After our previous 2 contris were greatly received we thought it would be fun to do another one. We were going to wait until next month but, well, there's no time like the present. Please feel free to leave your comments and we'll start to think about number 4!