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Nudist holidays Mallorca 2012

real good pillows
Again, she does not know I am sending these. I will post her pics under Greek Goddess from now on unless I hear someone else is using that name. After the great response from the Private Shots submission, I really want to let her see and read the responses. I am sure it will do nothing but make her wet, however, it may also make her not let me take any more pictures. I just have to come up with a way to break it to her that so many of you enjoy here beautiful body and that she should be proud to show it here! Once I get that done, we will be able to respond to those who left messages. Since so many of you requested to see some pink parts her fine ass, here you go! By the way, check out what is on the TV, yep, that is her also on home video!

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Nice pair of titties My Sexiest Lingerie - well it's not much i know but since it's basically my -only- lingerie it must be my sexiest also! There are sort of before and after I did the Changing My Panties thing, go vote for that one please if ya want to VOTE FOR ME (-:


let's get it on :-) I was bored with shopping for the usual womens clothes, when I saw this little red tartan mini skirt with my man in mind. So hence I suprised him and we produced a few pics. Hope you like them as there might be many more in store!!!!! Enjoy Nikki.