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Gorgeous girl in Beach Cabin

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Hi Kate, These pictures were taken at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Both the scenery and the women are beautiful. Usually it's the big old flabbybagos that are exposed and here it was like the twilight zone. I've never seen such a huge exhibition of perfect breasts in my life. Like an idiot I didn't take my zoom lens with me which would have definitely gotten me a best funbags award. To make me feel more like an idiot, I didn't take my mp4 camera with me and this long legged German woman in the villa across from me constantly stripped totally naked with the curtains wide open seemingly just to tease me. I feel ashamed as a voy-zone fan to not have take better advantage of this trip. I promise next time I go I'll be prepared. Please title "Punta Cana D.R." PDPMEMA and thanks for your site I don't go anywhere else anymore. PDPMEMA love your site I don't go to any other adult site anymore.

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Please vote Thanks for all the great messages, hope you like these photos too. Next ones will be with my sexy sister. The first set had a great image of my pussy, but it was edited out, sorry. This is my Malibu Strings Bikini, let me know what you think.


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