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I lay on my stomach on the floor, in my short dress and started driving, they got in front of the t.v. with their hands. Then jumped up and down. Then one of them got behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks over my dress with both hands. I ignored the distractions and was still making good time. The guy in front pulled his cock out and flopped it around in front of my face. To tease him I stuck my tongue out and he placed his now hard cock immediately against my outstretched tongue. My large clitoris started the throb and I pressed my pelvis down hard against the floor. The guy behind me lifted my dress to see my bare ass as I had been pantiless all night. When I didn't resist he bent down and started fingering me while he probed my ass with his tongue. It felt amazing and I was really starting to veer. By this stage I was 5 laps down with 10 minutes to go.

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Just a past good lay these are a few random pics of my wife for your viewing pleasure. i enjoy the site a great deal and wanted to give a little something back. i also hope to bring out my wife's exhibitionist side if i can, so positive comments will be greatly appreciated.


slut sexwife cheating I love giving hubby blowjobs. This particular night we were watching a porno together and I got so horny that I made him pull his dick out so I could suck him off. He liked it so much that he blew his load all over my face! Hope these pics make you as hard as hubby was *wink*.