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Venitian Odalisque 2 - Part 2: Hello everyone, my name is Vittoria, I am 25yo and this is the first time I?m contributing to voy-zone or any other website of the kind. My boyfriend and I have enjoyed taking naked pictures for a while to enhance our sexuality and we particularly appreciate artistic contributions people are posting on this site. But so far, I have been too shy to let him share any of our pics. Since then we have been in Venice where we definitely had a crush on this mask and I immediately thought it could be a good idea to begin with. We brought it back home, and waited for the next sunny afternoon to set up a image session. And here I am ? I would appreciate and certainly enjoy your comments and particularly from other couples who are regular contributors or visitors of the website. Please be kind and provided you let us have your email, we?ll try to reply to each of you.

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Anyone want to add theirs? Here some pics we took one night on vacation after more than a few drinks. She had walked around all day with no panties, flashing me occasionally and driving me wild. Then I "had" to watch her prepare herself for bed so I took these pics and enjoyed the moment. We hope you do too!


explode bikini First Contri. - My friend wanted me to take few quick pictures of her in and around an old farm house,these are some of the pictures we took.....until the owner showed up and ran us off with tammy still naked,we hope you enjoy.