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Topless Tuesday
Hello all! This time I think I got the image settings right, but I started this time from sharp negatives. Anyway, there's no real story here. I'm really responding to all the people who complained that my dick was too small in my "Sucked off by the wife" posting. Well, if it is, I'm still proud of it and it does the job. But seriously, try keeping the camera focused and the picture well-composed while someone is slurping on you--it ain't easy! This time I had no distractions and could easily stay fully erect. If you don't like looking at a guy's dick, just move on to the next wonderful submission by a brave Red Clouder. If you do, then check it out. By the way, I'm 32, live in Central New Jersey and really think my fellow Red Cloud posters are incredibly cool.

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image #3: her breast London Towers - Naughty Secretary! - All me co-workers have left for the day but here I am, still working me arse off! It's not fair, I tell ya! Well, maybe I can find SOMEthing to keep me interested until me man picks me up...


strand dreams Hi, I'm really nervous doing this. my BF is a Photographer and we love to take dirty photos :) He always tells me how hot I am but I don't agree so he said to post some up here and see what you guys think? Be nice Please.