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The beginning of nudity
Kate and Viewers, Attached are photos of my Chinese Whore. This is not a disrespectful reference to her- she is very proud of her sexuality and obsession with sexual fulfillment in adventurous exploits. To her, the term whore does not have the pejorative implications that it has for some of your viewers. She took these pictures with a digital camera. They document a toy that I had sent her from the U.S. to China. It is ironic that the toys are made in China, but not available there. She was not even aware that they existed until we met. Now she can not live without them! If anyone is interested, she will be visiting Seattle in late August and moving here next year. Ready to enjoy liberating adventures after living in relative celibacy for 39 years in the PRC.

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concert girls Squirrels_uk is really looking forward to your comment, she's decided to get Oiled up just for you, these are some of our tame pictures as most of our pics are for redclouds only (look out for those) we'd like to here from couples in the UK so please contact us at


1.- vias tren, Hi, this is my sexy wife Amanda in lingerie, she has posted in private shots but never showed her pussy, which I found ironic since she never wears panties (even to the office) despite wearing short skirts! Hope you like, she is over 40 and still turns heads whenever we're out.